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Admissions Process

Our admissions process consists of three phases:

Beginning in October, Oliver Scholars welcomes nominations for the new Admissions season. To nominate a gifted student, click here.

Nominated students and their families receive an invitation to an Open House. Open Houses occur between November and February. Families must attend an Open House before submitting an application to Oliver Scholars. Participating in our program requires a significant time commitment from families. Open Houses are opportunities for families to learn more about what we offer - Summer Immersion Program [SIP], the independent school placement process, middle and high school scholar services, and college guidance - before beginning the application process. After attending an Open House, families can start the application and enter Phase II.

When an application is submitted, applicants will receive an invitation to take the SSAT in March, and a request for supplemental documents. We will register and waive SSAT fees for all applicants who submit a completed application by March 15. The SSAT is required for all applicants. Applicants will receive an updated status mid-April.

Required Supplemental Documents

  • Teacher Recommendations: Applicants will need to request Teacher Recommendations after an application is submitted.
  • Report Cards: 1st marking period submitted with application. 2nd marking period submitted by March 15th. May be submitted electronically.

After candidates take the SSAT, the Oliver Scholars Admissions team will review applications and select applicants to move on to Phase III.

Phase III families are invited to participate in evening interviews in April. Individual interviews are conducted by volunteers from one of our independent school partners, staff and alumni. This helps us to better understand that child's goals, strengths, and areas in need of improvement. The group interviews are facilitated by Oliver staff, or volunteer alumni, in order to gauge student engagement, how they interact with their peers, and their knowledge of current events. We also interview parents or guardians because success is a true team effort that we encourage families to embrace. Students are interviewed as individuals, and as a part of a small group.

Final Decisions

Applicants will be notified in May. Nominators will receive a final update on candidates in mid-June.

Our Summer Immersion Program will be held at the Ramaz School in Manhattan. Classes begin in July.