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For Applicants:

  • How can I be a part of the Oliver Scholars Program?
    Candidates for the Oliver Scholars Program are selected from middle schools (public, parochial or charter) throughout New York City's five boroughs during the fall of their seventh grade.
  • Am I a good fit for the Oliver Scholars Program? 
    A candidate who excels academically, is involved in a range of extracurricular activities, and is eager to be a leader, is the perfect fit for the Oliver Scholars Program. 
  • When and how should I apply? 
    The guidance counselor or community based organization representative should begin the nomination process in the fall of the candidate's seventh grade year. The nomination forms are due in early January of each year for current 7th graders.
  • Are there entry tests, exams or interviews? 
    Yes. Each candidate will have the opportunity to take the preliminary Secondary School Admissions Test [SSAT], and to attend Oliver's Interview weekend to participate in individual interview and group interviews. These steps are integral to the process of becoming an Oliver Scholar. 
  • Does the Oliver Scholars Program give financial aid or scholarships? 
    Every student admitted to Oliver receives a full scholarship to attend the Oliver Scholars Program (the value is approximately $10,000 per year). Once students are placed at an independent school, the schools themselves provide financial aid (the value is approximately $50,000 per year). 
  • Who can I contact with additional questions? 
    ​If you have any additional questions regarding the application/nomination process or want to learn how your middle school can partner with Oliver, please contact Tarmla Small at or (212) 430-5980 ext. 1104.

For Current Oliver Students and their Parents:

  • Who can I contact if I'm having problems? 
    We are an organization that is built upon the nurturing component of our counseling program, so please contact the Oliver Counselor assigned to your child to address any immediate issues. For further assistance, feel free to contact Emanuel "Manny" Vega, Director of Programs, at or (212) 430-5980 x 1110.

For Independent Schools:

  • Who can I contact to get more information about joining Oliver's Consortium of Schools?
    Please contact Fausto Jimenez to discuss the benefits and process of partnership with the Oliver Scholars Program.

For Volunteers:

  • Does the Oliver Scholars Program accept volunteers? 
    Yes. The Oliver Scholars Program is eager to build relationships with volunteers and to identify ways for them to get involved.
  • What do Oliver volunteers do? 
    Volunteers get involved in a myriad of ways: by becoming mentors to our Scholars, aiding in the preparation and the overall flow of Oliver events, assisting Oliver staff in and out of the office, sitting on committees, and ultimately as members of our Board of Trustees.
  • Who can I contact about volunteer opportunities? 
    Please contact Amanda Johnson, Deputy Director, at or (212) 430-6027 for more details about becoming an Oliver Volunteer.

For Donors:

  • How can I make a gift or donation to the Oliver Scholars Program? 
    Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the Oliver Scholars Program! For more information please contact Amanda Johnson, Deputy Director, at or (212) 430-6027. For more donation options click here.
  • Where will my gift or donation go? 
    Your unrestricted gift will support the cost of preparing each of our Scholars for admission to an independent school where the rigorous education they receive will help them gain access to the most competitive colleges in the US. The cost of supporting an Oliver Scholar is approximately $10,000 per year.

For Alumni:

  • What does the Oliver Scholars Program do for its alumni?
    The Oliver Scholars Program strives to keep alumni Scholars connected with Oliver and with other alumni, via phone/mail/email correspondence. The Oliver Scholars Program also provides methods for alumni to have a direct impact on the life of a younger Scholar and/or alum thus furthering Oliver's mission. 
  • How can alumni get involved? 
    There are many ways that Oliver alumni can give back to the Program that gave so much to them!  One way is to become a mentor to a current Scholar and/or an advisor to a younger Oliver alum. To do so, please contact Tracey Lundgren, Assistant Director of Scholar Services, at or (212) 430-5980 x 1108 to discuss how you would like to get involved.
  • Who can I contact about alumni activities? 
    Please contact Heidi Idrovo, Development Associate, at (212) 430-5980 x 1117 for more information about alumni activities and areas where alumni can get involved.

For Employers:

  • Does the Oliver Scholars Program match students and alumni with potential employers? 
    Yes, the Oliver Scholars Program does match current Scholars and alumni Scholars with employers and we are eager to discuss ways that we can help an employer identify the top candidates who are qualified for summer internships and full time employment. 
  • Who can I contact to get more information? 
    Please contact Emanuel "Manny" Vega, Director of Programs, at or (212) 430-5980 x 1110 for more information about partnering with the Oliver Scholars Program.