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Our Mission

Founded in 1984, Oliver Scholars fosters the development of the next generation of thought leaders, change-makers, and trailblazers.

What We Do:

  • Academic, social, and leadership skills development starting in 4th or 7th grade
  • Independent middle and high school placement and financial aid coordination at day and boarding schools
  • Comprehensive classes and workshops that prepare students for the accelerated pace of independent school
  • Continued support throughout high school, including college readiness workshops, admissions guidance, and one-on-one counseling services
  • Career guidance throughout college and beyond with access to networking opportunities, internships, and a robust alumni network

“Oliver Scholars’ mission of equity and excellence is changing the educational landscape for students of promise across the nation.”

William R. Fitzsimmons: Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard College


How We are Different:

  • Strong focus on our Scholars’ social and emotional development to ensure they are able to achieve their academic goals
  • Emphasis on community service throughout our curriculum
  • A family-oriented approach—we ensure the family of each Scholar is acclimated to independent schools, and our staff supports our Scholars in whatever way will allow them, to achieve their academic goals



  • 99% of Scholars graduate from high school and attend a 4-year college
  • Approximately $6 million in financial aid awarded each year by our partners
  • Historically, approximately 30% of Scholars attend Ivy League schools
  • Nearly 90% of Scholars attend a U.S. News & World Report top 100 school


“Our mission to serve low-income students of color is more critical than ever. Oliver aims to reward hard-work, recognize talent that might otherwise go ignored, and dismantle barriers to opportunity for African-American and Latino students.” – David Allyn, PhD, CEO of Oliver Scholars