Pilot Program: Middle School

Middle School Placement Program Pilot

In 2017 and 2018, Oliver recruited two cohorts of fourth graders for a pilot program to explore the opportunities and challenges to preparing younger students for success at top independent schools in New York City. Oliver provides these younger Scholars with the same rigorous level of academic skills-building and socio-emotional support that we have been offering for more than three decades, and we will work with them through the end of their college careers, as we do with those who enter our High School Placement Program. Data gathered from this pilot program will be used to help shape future program development.

At this time, we are not accepting additional students into the Middle School Pilot Program. However, students in seventh grade are welcome to apply to our High School Placement Program.

Scholar nominations

The deadline to nominate a student to be an Oliver Scholar is in February. The process is competitive: In 2017-18, Oliver received close to 1,200 nominations for only 100 spots.

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